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Boxers... Because Nothing Else Will Do


Welcome to Sassy Lane Boxers, we are a small breeder in Milford, MI. It all started with Sue's parents who had a Boxer before she was born. Miss Chips would watch over Sue and get her mom whenever she would stir or if something was wrong. When Sue became a teen the family got another Boxer and named her Kipper. Sue and Kipper grew up together and were inseparable. In 1986 Sue got her own Boxer and named her Rowdy Rockette (Rocky). Rocky ended up being Sue's heart dog, they did everything together, camping, canoeing and snowmobiling. Scooter came along in 1992 and her husband Jeff shortly thereafter. Scooter gravitated to Jeff and soon she had him hook, line and sinker. In 1998 they brought Rebel home from Canada, and Scooter had a new buddy. Jeff and Sue always had two Boxer Girls by there side. In 2003 they decided to try the confirmation ring. With the help of Ginger Johnson they brought home a little girl and named her Sparky. While Sparky was getting all the training and going to shows, Sue didn't want rebel to feel neglected so she began agility with her. Sparky had a few small wins but didn't turn out to be the show dog that they had expected. Rebel on the other hand was a good agility athlete and went on to get both of her Open titles. During all of this they had joined the Michigan Boxer Club. They then found a potential show puppy that was available and brought her to live with them and named her Trinity. Trinity became the show girl they had hoped for and went on to get her Champion status. Sparky ended up being a great mom, she had two litters the first litter being ten puppies and the second being eleven. She made many families very happy. Jeff and Sue decided it was time for a Kennel name so they came up with Sassy Lane Boxers. As it always seems with Boxers... one leads to another... and another. We have a house full of Boxers but wouldn't have it any other way. They make us laugh everyday with there clown like antics! We share our home with our Boxers as they are a part of the family. Our Boxers are pets first and show dogs second, if they don't enjoy showing then they just go along for the rides.

Jeff and Sue

Sassy Lane Boxers